1) DEPOSITS are required to confirm booking and are non refundable and non transferable.
2) Costumes to be returned in good order before 1pm on the due date.
4) Do not launder costumes unless by prior arrangement.
5) Do not alter or treat costumes or wigs in any way, e.g. stitch, alter, pin or apply
sticky tape or sticky labels to costumes.
6) Do not apply hairspray, gel or heat to wigs, only finger comb or with a wide tooth comb from the bottom upwards.

7) On reservation of ‘any specific hireable’ costumes you may be required to confirm your booking by paying in full
no later than 8 days prior to pick up date.
9) Do not remove labels from costumes.
10) The hirer agrees to pay any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by
Costumier Ltd in recovering
any outstanding monies or replacement costs for lost or damaged items, including debt collection, agency fee’s or
solicitors costs. Overdue fee’s are applicable until full payment is made for lost of damaged items. Interest may be
charged on overdue accounts at the overdraft rate charged to
Costumier Ltd by its bank from time to time plus 3%.
11) The Hirer authorises Costumier Ltd to collect, retain and use any information about the Hirer for the
purposes of enforcing any rights under this agreement and recovering any unpaid amounts and to release such
information to third parties for such purposes. This authority is an authority or consent for the purposes of the Privacy Act 1993.
12) Please report and faults or damage to costumes before return or on return.

1) Deposits are non refundable and non transferable.
2) Refund (less applicable deposit) will be reimbursed to the customer (using eftpos transaction, cheque or internet banking) if not less than 6 calendar days notice (prior to the collection date) of cancellation is given. If less than 6
calendar days notice of cancellation is given the refund (less the applicable deposit) will be provided as a Costumier Ltd credit voucher.
3) Changing of a booked costume is considered a cancellation.
4) No refunds if hirer is unable to use the costume after uplift.

Costumier Ltd retains the right to require a bond for each hire. The bond will be applied against late return,
extraordinary cleaning, repairs or replacement costs. (NB replacement cost will in most cases exceed the bond). Costumier Ltd reserve the right to require payment of amounts payable in excess of the bond.

1) Costumier Ltd is happy to provide a mail order service on the basis that courier cost and risk is hirer
2) Costumier Ltd will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure couriers are dispatched in adequate
time to allow delivery by the time stipulated by hirer. However Costumier Ltd does not warrant that delivery will be
made by that time and shall have no liability to hirer for late delivery.
3) The costume can not leave the premises until full payment is made.
4) Hirer is responsible for all loss and damage occurring in transit.